Definition Of splendour


magnificent and splendid appearance; grandeur.

the splendor of the Florida Keys

Example Of splendour

  • A modern bank building has enveloped the Palace Hotel, ornate in nineteenth-century splendour .

  • A walk across the Salzach over Mozartsteg or Mozart's bridge, the quaint footbridge across the river, and one is right in the middle of Salzburg's old city and its visual splendours .

  • Arabian art, according to Streisand, has always been one of great wonder, splendour , and beauty.

  • ‘Chaukhandi’ stupa today stands neatly set in lush green lawns, wrapped in the quietude and mystique of history, a fitting introduction to the splendours of the once buried city of Sarnath which lies just ahead.

  • ‘It was a foreshadowing of heaven, a foretaste of the splendours that were to come,’ says Sarah.

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