Definition Of spineless


(of an animal or plant) lacking spines.

spineless forms of prickly pear have been selected

having no spine or backbone; invertebrate.

It remains a lifeless and spineless human creation.

lacking resolution; weak and purposeless.

a spineless coward

Example Of spineless

  • But because I'm fundamentally weak and spineless , I find it awfully difficult to be similarly critical about the heroic efforts of a mere one-man band.

  • But now, he was saddled with these spineless ragamuffins, who followed his orders still, but did it with downcast scared eyes and pale faces, people who wouldn't be here if they had anywhere else to go.

  • Coendou and Sphiggurus are arboreal animals, with long, spineless , prehensile tails and wide foot pads.

  • Coral are tiny spineless animals essential in building reefs, one of the planet's oldest and most complex ecosystems.

  • He described career envoys as weak or spineless .

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