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Definition Of south-west


lying toward, near, or facing the southwest.

the southwest tower collapsed in a storm

of or denoting the southwestern part of a specified country, region, or town or its inhabitants.

fishing in southwest Alaska's Bristol Bay area

the direction toward the point of the horizon midway between south and west, or the point of the horizon itself.

clouds uncoiled from the southwest

the southwestern part of a country, region, or town.

the beach is in the southwest of the island

to or toward the southwest.

they drove directly southwest

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Example Of south-west

  • A new extension linking the city centre with the airport on the south-west side of the bay is currently under construction.

  • After a bumpy end to our four and a half hour flight to Paphos in the south-west of the island, we were faced with torrential rain, gale force winds and the kind of temperatures we hoped we'd left behind in Ireland.

  • After an awful lot of discussion and weighing of alternatives we've decided that our first choice of new location is to be Matlock and south-west Chesterfield, close by the Derbyshire Peak District.

  • Air filled out the parachute canopy above him and then, swinging on the gentle south-west wind, he landed near St Pancras Church less than two miles away.

  • Along the south-west coast - Sri Lanka's premier resort region - all contractual and seasonal hotel staff have been laid off.

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