Definition Of soothsaye


a person supposed to be able to foresee the future.

Do you really think that while they're arresting heretics is the best time to be having trade with fortune tellers and soothsayers ?

Example Of soothsaye

  • A new breed of soothsayers has already been prophesying the virtual demise of the Indian manufacturing industry.

  • After the birth, soothsayers were consulted to speak about the child's future and offerings were made to the ancestors.

  • An astrologer and healer born 500 years ago, he had the ear of royals, businessmen and clergy, even though the church prohibited soothsaying and the Inquisition was running hot.

  • But fund managers and portfolio managers are not seers or soothsayers .

  • Closer inspection reveals the soothsayer had made a typically vague prophecy that a ‘very large robbery’ would take place across the water.

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