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a person who writes popular songs.

He assesses the development of major record companies and pop songwriting from the Tin Pan Alley songsmiths to rap, reggae, and rock composers and noisemakers.

Example Of songsmith

  • A great songsmith and a careful performer, despite what he would have us all believe, Gough is not an interesting stadium prospect, especially when the set is 40 minutes long.

  • Another American, Pittsburgh-born, entered music in a more practical fashion, the first American to set himself up as a professional songsmith .

  • Another part is the cleverness of the songsmith himself.

  • Both singers delivered live versions of the song ‘All This Time’, written by Westlife songsmith Steve Mack, which McManus will now go on to release as a single.

  • Gabriel remains a songsmith who speaks from the heart and never fails to move.

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