Definition Of somnambulism



In somnambulism and somniloquy, a child sits up in bed with eyes open but is ‘unseeing.’

Example Of somnambulism

  • After watching the Pope's funeral, I staggered somnambulantly towards the Commons in search of breakfast.

  • An outraged crowd readies to raze the community, but once again they do so without passion, somnambulistically moving along, tending over the duties handed to them by chance.

  • As I was trolling the Internet the other night, (an addictive past-time especially for somnambulant sleuths like me), I happened upon the ‘ultimate destination for women's fiction’.

  • At the same time, there are recent texts in which a representation of somnambulism seems fused with the image of vertical slumber.

  • Before and beyond they are sleeping, somnambulists - and, in fact, the physical appearance of Dix both in the first and last scene suggests this state.

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