Definition Of soil


feed (cattle) on fresh-cut green fodder (originally for the purpose of purging them).

Indian corn makes an exceedingly valuable fodder, both as a means of carrying a herd of milch cows through our severe droughts of summer, and as an article for soiling cows kept in the stall.

make dirty.

he might soil his expensive suit

the upper layer of earth in which plants grow, a black or dark brown material typically consisting of a mixture of organic remains, clay, and rock particles.

blueberries need very acid soil

waste matter, especially sewage containing excrement.

Hazardous waste includes contaminated soil , paint, solvent residues, asbestos and highly acidic and alkaline solids.

Example Of soil

  • A number of sand martins currently nest in the upper layer of soil on the cliff at Glengad.

  • A restriction in leaf elongation in plants growing in drying soil is a well-reported phenomenon.

  • All sites showed indications of soil slumping, and the loam to silt loam soil was derived from glacial till.

  • And the right of FEMA or any branch of the federal government for that matter to issue such a ban on American soil seems highly dubious to me.

  • As we went to press last night, some of the many acts set to entertain the masses this weekend, were already landing on Irish soil .

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