Definition Of snorkel


a short curved tube for a swimmer to breathe through while keeping the face under water.

Now swap all skates, helmets and padding for flippers, snorkels and swimsuits.

a type of hydraulically elevated platform for firefighting.

Left are the FS6, the one which gave the stranded firefighters a lift, and a 1970 Snorkel with a boom and a cage for real emergencies.

swim using a snorkel.

the sea is incredibly clear, which is ideal for snorkeling

Example Of snorkel

  • snorkel around the unspoiled coral reefs

  • snorkel around the unspoilt coral reefs

  • Also pack a couple of old T-shirts to wear while snorkelling , or diving without a wetsuit, to protect your shoulders from the sun.

  • And don't forget to bring your snorkel : diving aficionados swear that the Maldives have the finest dive sites in the world, and most resorts have fully equipped dive centres.

  • Breathe into the blue, green or yellow plastic device, which resembles an asthma inhaler or part of a snorkel , for three or four minutes twice each day, and you'll breathe easier when you race.

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