Definition Of smothers


a mass of something that stifles or obscures.

all this vanished in a smother of foam

kill (someone) by covering their nose and mouth so that they suffocate.

Without even asking Desdemona if it is true or not, Othello kills her by smothering her.

Example Of smothers

  • a teenage mum tried to smother her baby in hospital

  • all this vanished in a smother of foam

  • But once we got some foam to cover the bulk of the fire and smother the flames we were able to bring it under control much quicker.

  • But regardless, now Olivia feels smothered by the overly protective nature of her father's attentions.

  • Darnell's sultriness is smothering and disturbing, elemental in the manner of King Vidor heroines.

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