Definition Of small


into small pieces.

the okra cut up small

of a size that is less than normal or usual.

the room was small and quiet

small items of clothing, especially underwear.

Do we know if secreted about his smalls he has a pair of boxer shorts in either the ancient or red tartan of his venerable clanspersons?

Example Of small

  • All in all he harboured only minor concerns, and these occupied only a small part of him as a whole.

  • Also take a small amount of paper money as well, for taxis from the airport and so forth.

  • As a small boy, he appeared as the youngest brother in the musical Peter Pan.

  • Districts should receive a small amount of money for each child who participates.

  • Five days in, his feet had turned purple with pus-filled blisters the size of small plums.

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