Definition Of slash


a cut made with a wide, sweeping stroke.

the man took a mighty slash at his head with a large sword

a tract of swampy ground, especially in a coastal region.

Slash Pine is named after the " slashes " - swampy ground overgrown with trees and bushes - that constitute its habitat.

an oblique stroke (/) in print or writing, used between alternatives (e.g., and/or ), in fractions (e.g., 3/4 ), in ratios (e.g., miles/day ), or between separate elements of a text.

The slashes in Caxton's text were an experiment in punctuation, and are roughly equivalent to commas.

cut (something) with a violent sweeping movement, typically using a knife or sword.

a tire was slashed on my car

debris resulting from the felling or destruction of trees.

Adults like fresh stumps, slash , and logging debris.

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Example Of slash

  • slash him with bridle-reins and dog-whips!

  • Adults like fresh stumps, slash , and logging debris.

  • An extra key brings up a list of characters that you won't find on the keyboard, such as the forward slash , square brackets and curly braces.

  • And suppliers are again being pushed hard to slash prices.

  • As Kiv's hand jerked an inch to one side, Nolen dropped to the ground, avoiding a narrow slash of fiery white light that burned a hole in the wall behind him.

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