Definition Of skin


(especially in jazz) a drum or drum head.

Drummer Ste Barrow is frantically searching for a replacement having just split the skin on his bass drum.

a skinhead.

They were surrounded by a devoted crowd of aging skins , punks & Goths worshipping at the church of Sioux.

an outer layer or covering, in particular.

Meanwhile, thick layers of slate-colored skins began covering their exposed muscles.

cover with skin.

the wound was skinned, but the strength of his leg was not restored

relating to or denoting pornographic literature or films.

the skin trade

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Example Of skin

  • A dull aching head-ache drummed through her head like finger pads on a drum skin .

  • a flap of skin

  • A tuberculin skin test result is positive in less than 50 percent of patients.

  • Air must be excluded from the can by a tight-fitting lid, or a skin can form in the can.

  • Airlines including El Al are developing guns which will disable hijackers but not pierce the skin of an aircraft.

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