Definition Of sit-dow


(of a meal) eaten sitting at a table.

Family life bears the brunt of the ‘time crunch,’ with home-cooked meals and sit-down suppers being the exception rather than the norm.

a period of sitting down; a short rest.

There aren't any more seats in that area and I won't be able to make it all the way, not without a sit-down .

Example Of sit-dow

  • A sit-down meal is provided for up to one hundred senior citizens and music is provided by well known accordionist Des Boyle of Foxford.

  • A cup of tea and a sit-down will be more beneficial than a 10-mile run.

  • About 100 police officers, many in riot gear, placed the strikers under arrest as the workers engaged in a sit-down protest at three intersections in the area.

  • After demonstrating in Parliament Square for an hour, around 100 students joined a sit-down protest, blocking roads around central London.

  • Around 130 prisoners from two landings, B3 and D1, refused to return their cells at lunchtime and held sit-down protests.

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