Definition Of singular


(of a word or form) denoting or referring to just one person or thing.

In American English, collective nouns usually take a singular verb.

exceptionally good or great; remarkable.

the singular beauty of the desert

single; unique.

she always thought of herself as singular, as his only daughter

the singular form of a word.

the first person singular

Example Of singular

  • A better introduction to the label would be harder to imagine, as the singles capture the remarkable beauty of Cold Blue's singular sound.

  • And because of this singular fact, every single published estimate of Social Security income and outgo is just plain wrong.

  • And the singular subject ‘vehicle’ should be followed by the singular verb ‘is’.

  • Asreml requires the inverse of the IBD matrix as input but this matrix can be singular .

  • ‘Please inform the writers that the names of teams take the singular verb,’ he says.

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