Definition Of sickly


(of a flavor, smell, color, or light) so unpleasant as to induce discomfort or nausea.

the walls were painted a sickly green

often ill; in poor health.

she was a thin, sickly child

Example Of sickly

  • A baby that appeared weak or sickly at birth, or had even a minor birth defect such a cleft pallet, hair lip, or cleft foot, or was in some other way imperfect was killed.

  • A real man, I used to say, no matter how sickly or incapacitated, should pick up a case by its handle and carry it like a man.

  • As a tyke, little Bobby Jones was a frail, sickly kid, living under the auspices of protective parents, and a Puritanical grandfather.

  • As his skin blackened, a sickly aroma exploded throughout the alley.

  • ‘Bon,’ Mademoiselle Piera said from the table, flashing Ryan her best sickly saccharine smile.

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