Definition Of shout


(of a person) utter a loud call or cry, typically as an expression of a strong emotion.

she shouted for joy

a loud cry expressing a strong emotion or calling attention.

his words were interrupted by warning shouts

one's turn to buy a round of drinks.

“Do you want another drink? My shout.”

treat (someone) to (something, especially a drink).

I'll shout you a beer

Example Of shout

  • A shout captured everyone's attention, and they scurried down from the rocks to the trickle of water.

  • A shout caught my attention and I heard the soldiers switch their direction.

  • A shout drew my attention to one of the others - only a hand was sticking out through the snow.

  • anyone shooting a hole in one must shout for all players present on the course

  • As for Terry Maher, I insist that he shout me a red wine at Percy's.

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