Definition Of short


(chiefly in sports) at, to, or over a relatively small distance.

you go deep and you go short

(of a vowel) categorized as short with regard to quality and length (e.g., in standard British English the vowel / ʊ / in good is short as distinct from the long vowel / uː / in food ).

Maybe it's all part of a plan to nullify the threat from the land of the short sharp vowel.

(of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a high level of probability.

they have been backed at short odds to win thousands

(of pastry) containing a high proportion of fat to flour and therefore crumbly.

The easiest way to do this with very short pastry is wrap it lightly around the rolling pin, lift the pastry up on the rolling pin, and lay it on top of the fruit.

a drink of spirits served in a small measure.

Nicholas said he had drunk about six shorts and other alcohol and had taken heroin in the hours leading up to the encounter.

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Example Of short

  • A short clay will not bend well and tends to break instead of forming when bent.

  • A few beers and a short memory can drive away the day's problems, so the thinking goes.

  • After a short conversation he left but the residents believe someone tampered with a back window while he was there.

  • After all, why else did the bookies place such record-breakingly short odds on just such a draw?

  • An internal short can cause the battery cells to overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

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