Definition Of shine


(of the sun or another source of light) give out a bright light.

the sun shone through the window

a quality of brightness, especially from reflected light.

use shoe polish to try and get a shine

be very talented or perform very well.

she shines at comedy

make (an object made of leather, metal, or wood) bright by rubbing it; polish.

his shoes were shined to perfection

Example Of shine

  • A dab of petroleum jelly rubbed into patent leather gives a glistening shine and prevents cracking in the winter.

  • A vinyl or polyurethane finish has been applied on the surface to keep a shine without waxing; the urethane is more durable.

  • A warm breeze blew through her hair causing it to shine in the light.

  • All the shine and glitter from jewelry will not go out of fashion for a long time.

  • Also, the dried husk of the coconut is sometimes used as a brush to put a glimmering shine on wooden or ceramic floors.

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