Definition Of shell


an explosive artillery projectile or bomb.

the sound of the shell passing over, followed by the explosion

bombard with shells.

the guns started shelling their positions

gather seashells.

there was nothing to do except swim or go shelling on the beaches

remove the shell or pod from (a nut or seed).

they were shelling peas

she shall; she will.

Regardless of the next stop for Sonja, she'll have no problems taking it all in stride.

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Example Of shell

  • shell holes

  • A hockey helmet consists of a shell , a foam lining and an optional face shield, cage, or combination visor and cage.

  • As they closed a hatch, a dozen of men appeared on the platform, but their blasters could not do any harm to the metal shell of the vehicle.

  • But last night only the burned-out shell of the building was left.

  • By expanding the ping hack in the source code, a custom firmware image can be created with the full power of a Linux shell over the Web interface.

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