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a dog trained to guard and herd sheep.

On their last morning, the birds are herded by sheepdogs into a darkened ‘starving pen’ - and from there, they are attracted by the light into boxes with a hatch into the slaughter room.

Example Of sheepdog

  • A farmer who lived a simple life with his two sheepdogs ensured that the animals would have a good home when he died - by leaving them and his 18th century farmhouse to an agricultural engineer.

  • A shepherd watched his flock through binoculars and his sheepdog watched from the back of the quadbike.

  • At the lower end of the animal scale, the popular breed of German sheepdogs was rebranded as ‘Alsatians’, and dachshunds disappeared from the streets.

  • Breeders who select the stud dogs and bitches within a breed effectively direct the breed's progress, and among sheepdogs , the eminent dogs have been those that excelled at sheepdog trials.

  • Collies, in those days, were known as rough-coated sheepdogs or smooth-coated sheepdogs , depending on their coat type.

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