Definition Of shameless


(of a person or their conduct) characterized by or showing a lack of shame.

his shameless hypocrisy

Example Of shameless

  • And in my opinion, the documentary last night was a pretty shameless attempt to exploit this very fact…

  • And, of course, there was the shameless promotion of the vehicle offering these artists the chance to promote shamelessly.

  • Are judge and jury, who are after all in the end only one of us, really going to be taken in by all this shameless role-playing?

  • Are you a shameless attention-seeker who can only get ego-gratification by having many people compliment you?

  • As the postscript to ‘Curry, Cricket, and Cramps’ suggests, shamelessness is a function of the narrative act itself; it is the willingness to speak about what is ‘not publicly-aired enough.’

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