Definition Of severe


(of something bad or undesirable) very great; intense.

a severe shortage of technicians

strict or harsh.

the charges would have warranted a severe sentence

very plain in style or appearance.

she wore another severe suit, gray this time

Example Of severe

  • A girl died from a severe asthma attack that may have been triggered by bullying, an inquest heard.

  • A girl in a rather severe suit wanted to see his driver's licence as proof of identity.

  • After all, the one to whom he said this had apparently committed a crime that deserved the most severe punishment available, crucifixion.

  • After their crushing victory over Limerick, Tipperary were expected to provide Kerry with a severe test.

  • And Jewell knows he is now facing up to a severe test of his managerial skills as Wigan aim to set off on a winning run.

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