Definition Of septic


(chiefly of a wound or a part of the body) infected with bacteria.

The differential diagnosis of a cavitary lung lesion includes neoplasm, infection, and septic embolus.

a drainage system incorporating a septic tank.

We had a Boy Scout troop offer their meeting place and the building was fantastic, but where you parked the trucks was right where they have the septics .

denoting a drainage system incorporating a septic tank.

If you encounter drainfield problems, contact an experienced, licensed septic maintenance company to discuss which of these options will work best for your particular system.

Example Of septic

  • All fatalities occurred outside the hospital, and none of these individuals had a medical history of a septic condition prior to death.

  • Comorbidities, laboratory parameters of inflammation, septic complications, and mortality were prospectively assessed.

  • Finally, early enteral feeding may reduce septic morbidity after abdominal trauma and pancreatitis.

  • For a truly reliable evaluation of your septic system, contact a qualified, licensed septic contractor in your area.

  • He developed a further septic inflammation in his knee after the meniscal transplantation and required further revision surgery.

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