Definition Of sculptural


of, relating to, or resembling sculpture.

sculptural decoration

Example Of sculptural

  • Available in fabric and leather, the sculptural form invites users to adopt a number of comfortable seating positions.

  • ‘We had to jump through hoops to make it work,’ says Harrow, ‘but we wanted the focus to be this sculptural piece, with the room as just a back-drop.’

  • Body parts, joints, and posture, all visible from a distance on the dance ground, are sculpturally emphasized over facial features, as the bulbous knees of one figure prominently demonstrate.

  • Characteristically, there are no attempts to work out the anatomical details but what is attempted is a whole, integral form that does not resolve either notionally or sculpturally into complex entities.

  • Daniel Arts Center takes the regional agrarian buildings as a starting point and then pushes the form into the sculptural realm.

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