Definition Of screed

a leveled layer of material (e.g., cement) applied to a floor or other surface.

The lift was inoperable, the walls had been left with barely an undercoat on them and there was bare screed on the floors.

a long speech or piece of writing, typically one regarded as tedious.

There are other misimpressions created by your articles that necessitate a response, but I did not intend for this to become a screed against your writing.

level (a floor or layer of concrete) with a straight edge using a back and forth motion while moving across the surface.

Once the floor is initially screeded , the first hand tool in the superflat process is the saw beam.

Example Of screed

  • A Boston Globe reporter posts numerous anti-Kerry screeds all over the blogisphere, and that's supposed to be all right?

  • A profile pan located on the back edge of the grout box is equipped with a tamper bar that oscillates vertically to push aggregate below the profile pan as the concrete is screeded .

  • After placement, the panels are screeded with a straightedge or vibrating screed in preparation for finishing.

  • Although I've been accused of trying to sway people with my screeds and polemics, that has never been the case, at least not consciously.

  • An unusual feature at Laban was the use of under-floor heating with water pipes buried in the screed .

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