Definition Of scavengers


an animal that feeds on carrion, dead plant material, or refuse.

Experts on the red kite - a spectacular bird with a wingspan of up to 6ft - say it is essentially a scavenger which feeds on carrion rather than attacking sheep or game birds.

Example Of scavengers

  • According to Alamsyah, most of the squatters in the area work as garbage men, scavengers and do other odd jobs.

  • All that is left is a grim arena where matter is collected by scavengers and transformed into useful merchandise.

  • Although the scavengers could also collect organic trash that can be transformed into organic fertilizer, most of them are loath to touch the putrifying garbage.

  • Before the stallholders could even open the boot, scavengers were on the back seat searching for tarnished gold.

  • Carcasses left by wolves supply food for scavengers such as ravens, eagles, magpies, and wolverines.

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