Definition Of scabbard

a sheath for the blade of a sword or dagger, typically made of leather or metal.

She produced a short dagger in a leather scabbard that tied to the belt.

Example Of scabbard

  • a ceremonial sword hung at his side in a gilded scabbard

  • And he saw the unmistakable hilt of a finely crafted sword protruding from the scabbard on the belt of a tall, golden-haired elf.

  • Entering through the low door, they saw opposite them above a fireplace two swords sheathed in their scabbards , glittering in the gloom.

  • He had on a brown leather belt, a dagger in a scabbard hung on the belt, together with a scabbard for his sword and his feet were encased in brown leather boots.

  • He sheathed his dagger into a scabbard he kept under his pillow, and looked around, embarrassed.

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