Definition Of savior


a person who saves someone or something (especially a country or cause) from danger, and who is regarded with the veneration of a religious figure.

Positioned as the saviors of the nation, foreigners slide all too easily into becoming its scapegoats.

Example Of savior

  • After all if what I was hearing from my fellow St Lucian was true then a savior or saviors were needed to effect a rescue.

  • And as a result, more than 146 million people have indicated decisions to accept Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

  • As characters go, Sir Arthur is the saviour , but, in some ways, it is George who is the truest of the bunch.

  • As you work through these issues, you need to ask yourself if you have accepted Christ as your Savior .

  • At Christmas we Christians celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour , Jesus Christ, whom Herod tried to kill as an infant.

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