Definition Of save


an act of saving data to a storage location, usually the hard drive.

the recovery feature enables you to retrieve most of the edits you made since the last save

an instance of a relief pitcher saving a game.

avoid the need to use up or spend (money, time, or other resources).

save $20 on a new camcorder

except; other than.

no one needed to know save herself

keep and store up (something, especially money) for future use.

she had never been able to save much from her salary

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Example Of save

  • save £20 on a new camcorder

  • save it, Joey—I'm in big trouble now

  • save your energy

  • an efficient dishwasher would save them one year and three months at the sink

  • As the couple made plans for the wedding, each had to be specific about his or her financial situation in order to save enough money for their glorious wedding.

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