Definition Of sanitarium


an establishment for the medical treatment of people who are convalescing or have a chronic illness.

Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, sanitariums , and orphanages were all a part of the network of care for the immigrants.

Example Of sanitarium

  • Alice suffered what was probably a nervous breakdown and spent the next few years in and out of sanitariums .

  • America's first breakfast cereal was developed by John Kellogg in 1895 as a way to help patients at his sanitarium increase their intake of fiber.

  • As the director of the sanitarium and a priest, the Abbe is torn between his administrative duties, his empathy for de Sade, and, in the end, his overflowing physical desire for Madeleine.

  • At first, her research centered on how ideas about nature and disease influenced the development of sanitariums in the nineteenth century as pastoral retreats from the bad air of cities.

  • But she had been punished enough for that one mistake - the summer in the sanitarium , the ongoing weekly sessions with her shrink, and the constant fear that the kids at school would find out about it.

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