Definition Of sake


a Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice, traditionally drunk warm in small porcelain cups.

Shiru-Bay also has a great selection of cold and hot sakes and Martinis.

for the purpose of; in the interest of; in order to achieve or preserve.

the couple moved to the coast for the sake of her health

out of consideration for or in order to help someone.

I felt I couldn't give up, for my own sake or the baby's

used to express impatience, annoyance, urgency, or desperation.

“Oh, for God's sake!” snarled Dyson

Example Of sake

  • At least certain parts of the city need to be preserved for the sake of posterity.

  • “Oh, for God's sake!” snarled Dyson

  • ‘Oh, for God's sake!’ snarled Dyson

  • But if you have to ride into town on such an old horse, for heaven's sake , ride it properly - or at least teach the poor beast a few new tricks.

  • But, for the sake of the health of individuals and the safety of communities, it has to be done.

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