Definition Of saddles


a large cut of meat consisting of the two loins.

The rabbit was served as a tiny saddle , loin and liver.

a seat fastened on the back of a horse or other animal for riding, typically made of leather and raised at the front and rear.

Proper Tuareg riding saddles are placed in front of the camel's hump and you sit cross-legged with your bare feet resting on the camel's neck.

put a saddle on (a horse).

he was in the stable saddling up his horse

something resembling a saddle in appearance, function, or position, in particular.

As you position the saddle , take care not to puncture the roofing felt, as this can cause leaks.

Example Of saddles

  • A trend towards wider external lobes and higher median saddles can be observed in the stratigrapic succession of Goniatites species.

  • Amid the saddles and hidden valleys of the mountains spring mist hung like clouds.

  • Bicycles still have rubber, inflatable tyres, wheels with spokes, drop handlebars and narrow saddles .

  • Bone out the saddles into two loins leaving the belly attached.

  • Both specimens have the different shape of saddles and the digit patterns of lateral lobe.

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