Meaning Of rockslide

শিলা স্লাইড

Synonyms Of rockslide

Definition Of rockslide


an avalanche of rock.

Don't forget that, in the end, it's not lightning or rapids, avalanches or equipment, rockslides or icefalls that are going to get you.

Example Of rockslide

  • A rockslide from ages past, in conjunction with the undercutting and shovelling actions of a glacier, blocked the normal outflow of Medicine Lake.

  • A powerful snowstorm cut off power for thousands of people and triggered rockslides across the state.

  • An overflight of the epicentral region on Wednesday revealed numerous small rockslides and snowslides adjacent to the fault over a 25-mile long zone.

  • Another dedicated his life to conservation in tribute to his wilderness-loving brother, who was disabled in a Mt. Shasta rockslide .

  • As the sonic booms of her passage echoed from the rocky canyons, though, small rockslides tossed debris into the murky water as if to signal some kind of warning.

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