Definition Of rfree


(of a literary style) not observing the strict laws of form.

Eliot famously thought that no verse was free , for the poet who wanted to do a good job.

(of the wind) blowing from a favorable direction to the side or stern of a vessel.

We had the wind free , a lightish air; but clouds of an inky blackness were beginning to arise, and at times it lightened without thunder.

free of or from.


given or available without charge.

free health care

not physically restrained, obstructed, or fixed; unimpeded.

she lifted the cat free

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Example Of rfree

  • A 1970s shopping mall in the middle of the estate could also be flattened to free up more land for homes.

  • A house breaker with more than 70 previous convictions has walked free from court.

  • A teenager who broke into his mother's home three times has walked free from court.

  • a world free of nuclear weapons

  • An extensive series of fully guided free walks, open to all, are being run from June to September.

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