Meaning Of retype

আবার টাইপ

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Definition Of retype


type (text) again on a typewriter or computer, especially to correct errors.

The other, sad to say, spends his time with ice packs clamped to his head as he types and retypes learned treatises of astronomical length on all manner of extremely worthy - but holistic - subjects.

Example Of retype

  • A few days later Mr Fielding asked him to retype the documents.

  • African researchers retyping manuscript drafts are from Kenya, Ghana, Madagascar and Tanzania.

  • All memberships are now being recorded through the Internet, leading to huge savings in time and energy - not to mention the prevention of errors in retyping the bad handwriting of players…

  • And while the Find-and-Replace tool was unusable, I could manually repeat a simple Find and repeatedly retype the replacement text.

  • Do they think that their competitors are incapable of retyping the list, or what?

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