Definition Of retracing


go back over (the same route that one has just taken).

he began to retrace his steps to the parking lot

Example Of retracing

  • Absorbing and retracing my history, memories of the special, never forgotten days, when our family made the crossing over the lagoon to the hummocks beyond.

  • According to Bono the theme of the video is loosely based around scenes from his youth and retracing them, but more than this it is a ‘tribute to my old-man Bob.’

  • Before he called Frankie, Leo took a drive, retracing the route he and the other two had taken through the dark a week before.

  • Before looking at his recent work, it is worth briefly retracing Anuszkiewicz's history.

  • But the very project of retracing a journey taken by one or more previous travelers remains citational from the start.

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