Definition Of replication


a plaintiff's reply to the defendant's plea.

the action of copying or reproducing something.

Machines accelerate, the near-deafening audio intensifies, and the rate of image replication reaches viral speeds, spawning a climactic mosaic of more than 2,200 constituent frames.

Example Of replication

  • A teacher's instructions constitute verbal directives in guiding a student toward closer replication of the model.

  • a twentieth-century building would be cheaper than a replication of what was there before

  • ARS researchers and their Austrian colleagues have developed PCR primers that initiate this DNA replication .

  • As thoroughly as DNA replication , the beats slowly tense into a mid range tempo with this same lyric repeated here and there, with rhythms unwinding themselves just as smoothly for the song's fading finish.

  • By simultaneously maintaining and dashing assumptions, he triggers ruminations on image reproduction via photography and, beyond that, on that archetype of image replication , the mirror.

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