Definition Of remits


an item referred to someone for consideration.

cancel or refrain from exacting or inflicting (a debt or punishment).

the excess of the sentence over 12 months was remitted


the movers refused Mr. Tierney's request to remit the motion

refer (a matter for decision) to some authority.

the request for an investigation was remitted to a special committee

send (money) in payment or as a gift.

the income they remitted to their families

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Example Of remits

  • a remit on the question failed

  • Any rent received from the property is fully taxable in Ireland, even if you do not remit the rent to Ireland.

  • But the Governors also recognised their responsibility for ensuring that BBC Radio continued to meet its public service remit .

  • But whether it fulfils this remit is another matter.

  • Covert video surveillance was research; it has been published as research and therefore did fall within the remit of the inquiry.

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