Definition Of release


allow (information) to be generally available.

no details about the contents of the talks were released

allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.

she released his arm and pushed him aside

allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.

the government announced that the prisoners would be released

remit or discharge (a debt).

Mr. Libenstein further argues that if he is found personally liable, the liability was released by his discharge from bankruptcy.

the action of making a movie, recording, or other product available for general viewing or purchase.

the film was withheld for two years before its release

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Example Of release

  • release date

  • a campaign by the prisoner's mother resulted in his release

  • A photographer can point his camera at a subject and press the release down.

  • All you have to do is send several thousand dollars in processing fees to release the money so they can send it to you.

  • At the same time, these types of records are awkward and time-consuming for officials to process for release .

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