Synonyms Of reinvigorate


Definition Of reinvigorate


give new energy or strength to.

we are fully committed to reinvigorating the economy of the area

Example Of reinvigorate

  • After an apology, how does one reinvigorate oneself and acquire the strength to amuse?

  • After the meeting, the delegates voiced satisfaction over the reinvigoration of political dialogue between the two countries.

  • He founded the Centre in 1997 with the determination to improve the quality of life of all citizens of India by reviving and reinvigorating the institutions of civil society.

  • He must take up the mission of ensuring the nation's security in a rapidly changing international scene, while reinvigorating the economy and stabilizing society.

  • He saw his 1995 tax-reform package as a drastic emergency measure to reinvigorate an ailing economy, much the way a man with heart disease might regard a bypass operation.

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