Definition Of refractory


a substance that is resistant to heat.

All three minerals alter to shimmer aggregates of sericite; all three are used in the preparation of refractories .

resistant to a process or stimulus.

some granules are refractory to secretory stimuli

stubborn or unmanageable.

his refractory pony

Example Of refractory

  • Also under investigation as possible container materials are certain types of refractory ceramics.

  • Although two additional histidine residues are potentially accessible, we focused on the two histidines unique to cx 50 because cx 46 hemichannels were refractory to modification by DEPC.

  • At the time-point of stimulation, the cells had recovered from the refractory phase and were fully responsive, whereas nearly none of the cells had reversed spontaneously.

  • Because bioreductive drugs are activated to form highly effective cytotoxins under hypoxic conditions, they can be used to inactivate hypoxic tumor cells that are refractory to the direct cytotoxicity of hypericin-PDT.

  • Capulet's attitude to his refractory daughter is precisely that of my Muslim patients' fathers.

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