Definition Of reedy


(of a person) tall and thin.

a reedy twelve-year-old

(of a voice, sound, or instrument) high and thin in tone.

Frank's reedy voice

(of water or land) full of or edged with reeds.

they swam in the reedy lake

Example Of reedy

  • A group of rush cabins nestle among canals that drain the reedy marshes into the open water.

  • A tall, reedy blonde girl stood in front of her, chewing on a piece of her peroxide hair.

  • As Sally, Alyson Hannigan does an unearthly impression of the young Meg Ryan: complete with pert and self-satisfied little smirk and reedy , weedy voice.

  • ‘Each man kills the thing he loves,’ sings Moreau in reedy , exhausted tones that recapitulate the inevitable downward trajectory of every star's career.

  • Charters was always played by Basil Radford, a heavy-set actor with a moustache and a scar, and Caldicott by Naunton Wayne, a small man with a reedy voice and a perpetually worried expression.

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