Meaning Of rebated

কমান হ্রাস করা

Synonyms Of rebated

Definition Of rebated


pay back (such a sum of money).

Presumably the policy contains provision for rebating the premium, if the matter does not go to trial?

Example Of rebated

  • A North Dakota Senator has sponsored a bill that would tax profits when oil is above $40 a barrel and rebate the money to taxpayers.

  • And it recently took steps to ensure it gets its fair share of the profits by prohibiting independent travel agents from rebating portions of their commissions to customers as discounted fares.

  • And there's no reason why that same small percentage cannot be rebated in the form of stock to everyone who buys products from these companies.

  • Commissions are currently disclosed and most firms will also work on a fee basis, rebating any commissions.

  • Fund managers do not rebate the cost of commission because they do not want to undercut advisers.

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