Definition Of raw


(of a part of the body) red and painful, especially as the result of skin abrasion.

he scrubbed his hands until they were raw

(of an emotion or quality) strong and undisguised.

he exuded an air of raw, vibrant masculinity

(of food) uncooked.

raw eggs

(of the weather) bleak, cold, and damp.

a raw February night

Example Of raw

  • Annotation is the process of converting raw DNA sequence data into biological knowledge.

  • Be warned, that many of these excerpts are raw and crude.

  • Brigadier Monro's staff of 600 Army personnel and 200 civilians will help to turn raw recruits into trained soldiers.

  • But she says she is careful to reflect the grief and raw emotion of both sides equally.

  • Each of the three tracks on the EP convey a sense of raw realism.

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