Definition Of rangy


(of a person or animal) tall and slim with long, slender limbs.

The dark, rangy man behind the table stared the slender figure before him up and down.

(of land) having a large, open range.

the rangy, hard, scruffy frontier

Example Of rangy

  • A lean, rangy old cowboy with a lined and seamed face, he frequented a beer joint on the edge of town known colloquially as the Bloody Bucket.

  • And he pointed to a sofa, on which sat a tall, rangy , square-jawed blonde holding a glass of warm vodka.

  • But at that time, he was a tall, rangy heavyweight, barely 200 pounds.

  • But it was the rangy figure of Kamathi who did just that by seizing the initiative from 200m out.

  • He has the lanky, rangy build of a classic power pitcher.

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