Definition Of ramping


(of an animal) rear up on its hind legs in a threatening posture.

(of an electrical waveform) increase or decrease voltage linearly with time.

The gels were run for 20 hours using switch times of 5 to 45 seconds ramped in a linear fashion.

provide or build (something) with a ramp.

It is our firm opinion, on grounds of public safety, a ramped footbridge should be provided at this location.

Example Of ramping

  • A great example locally of an attraction designed to accommodate a broad range of users is Underwater World Pattaya, with its ramped access, low level displays and counters, and accessible toilets.

  • A raised terrace sits in the centre, with ramped access for sitting and for play.

  • During a programming operation, the channel current is approximately zero, and the first voltage is ramped at a rate proportional to the injection current.

  • Facilities for disabled passengers should also be improved with ramped access to platforms being installed at the very minimum.

  • Ilkley Lido, which has been known to attract up to 15,000 people in one week during hot summer weather, does have disabled changing cubicles with ramped access to the outdoor pool and café.

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