Definition Of radiant


(of heat) transmitted by radiation, rather than conduction or convection.

Thermal energy from infrared, radiant heat sources has been used to treat chronic human wounds with decreasing frequency during the past 25 years.

a point or object from which light or heat radiates, especially a heating element in an electric or gas heater.

sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

a bird with radiant green and red plumage

Example Of radiant

  • A typical radiant heating and cooling system starts with a high-performance glazing system, integrated with light shelves and exterior shades as needed.

  • According to O'Donnell, the even feeling provided by radiant floor heating is the most common reason people choose the system.

  • Additional heating is provided by a hydronic radiant system embedded in the top level's poured-earth floor.

  • Additionally, a number of other fully-feathered extant birds can readily absorb and use incident radiant solar energy.

  • And Rudolph found himself face to face with the most radiant girl he had ever seen.

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