Definition Of racks


(of a cloud) be driven before the wind.

(of a horse) move with a rack gait.

a bed.

They ‘hot-bunk’ - sharing the use of a rack with a shipmate working an alternate watch.

a cogged or toothed bar or rail engaging with a wheel or pinion, or using pegs to adjust the position of something.

a steering rack

a framework, typically with rails, bars, hooks, or pegs, for holding or storing things.

a spice rack

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Example Of racks

  • And if you prefer to send cards the slow way, many stores have racks of red valentine cards on offer in their stationery department.

  • Before you buy the clothes off the racks at the store, someone decides to put them there.

  • Books were sold mostly on wire racks in drug stores and supermarkets.

  • Bulls and cows in the Tsaatan herd grow velvety racks of antlers.

  • For dinner parties, people go for racks of lamb or veal rather than a roast.

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