Definition Of qualification


a quality or accomplishment that makes someone suitable for a particular job or activity.

only one qualification required—a fabulous sense of humor

a statement or assertion that makes another less absolute.

this important qualification needs to be remembered when interpreting the results

the action or fact of qualifying or being eligible for something.

they need to beat Poland to ensure qualification for the World Cup finals

the attribution of a quality to a word, especially a noun.

The first element in the phrase is an adverb, an adverbial qualification or an object (direct or indirect).

Example Of qualification

  • A draw will now be enough for England in their match against Croatia to ensure qualification for the quarter finals, despite the fact that three teams in group B could still finish on four points.

  • Add in a forthcoming German residency qualification , and the young man has plenty of options.

  • An important qualification in many of these studies is that no measures were taken of whether the person was actually asleep or instead had been wakened to some degree by the taped message.

  • an opportunity for student teachers to share experiences before qualification

  • And the youngster nearly ensured Costa Rica's qualification single-handedly on 89 minutes when he rounded Recbar in the Turkish goal only to fire high and wide.

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