Meaning Of purgations

রেচন বিরেচন

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Definition Of purgations


the purification or cleansing of someone or something.

the purgation by ritual violence of morbid social emotions

Example Of purgations

  • But in all cases the cure is effected essentially by a kind of catharsis or purgation - a release of the pent-up psychic energy, the constriction of which was the basic cause of the neurotic illness.

  • By this date, it was believed that the dead did not proceed directly to salvation, but instead passed to the intermediate state of purgatory, where they experienced a prolonged and painful purgation of their sins.

  • Catharsis is the explosion or release of long repressed feelings, the purgation of secret passions.

  • Clinical research on purgation in the treatment of the condition lends some support to this hypothesis.

  • Exorcists were known to abstain periodically from food for reasons of vision causation, purgation , and divine encounter.

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